Edinburgh International Books Festival 27 August

I have two events, both on Sunday 27 August, and the online festival programme is the place to go for an idea of what to expect:

From 11.00 to 12.30 I’m doing a reading workshop:

‘Novelist and non-fiction writer Richard Beard discusses W, Or the Memory of Childhood by Georges Perec. This semi-autobiographical work alternates between memoir and fiction, illustrated with photographs from Perec’s childhood. It is a commentary on memories remembered, borrowed and interpreted later in life. Expect an open discussion from the start: you can either read the book ahead of the event or be inspired to pick it up afterwards.’

There are, in fact, no photographs in Perec’s book, but he describes his memory of photographs with such precision that there might as well be. Looking forward to this. The book is also a commentary on sport, which I’m sure we’ll discuss.

Then in the evening, 6.30 to 7.30, I’m on with Graham Caveney discussing memoir:

Graham Caveney was born in Accrington to parents who believed education was his ticket to a different life. His headteacher was his mentor, but also his greatest abuser. In Cornwall, Richard Beard and his brother Nick were playing in the waves. Nick drowned. His family carried on with the holiday and soon stopped talking about him. What happens when truths are left unspoken? Join two authors with powerful family stories that have relevance for us all.’

I’ve read Graham’s book and it’s brilliant. Tickets for both and more information on the festival available here.