British Archive for Contemporary Writing

The British Archive for Contemporary Writing has now catalogued the contents of the suitcases I delivered last summer. I thought I had a jumble of papers and notebooks. But to an archivist I had a documentary history that could be organised within an inch of its life. The bits and pieces are kept in climate-controlled conditions in the basement of the library at the University of East Anglia, and the catalogue is now online. Of the various listings, the highlights include ‘Rejection letters, 1989-2000 (folder)’ and ‘Incomplete novel, in style of Micky Spillane, 1990 (folder)’. Though for the key to my writing career nothing will ever quite beat: ‘FORUM / EROTIC STORIES magazines, 1990-1992’.

For details of the full collection, the archive has all the answers. Researchers can visit the archive on request.