• I have a piece in the March 2012 issue of Prospect magazine, on the Jerusalem Marathon. Here’s one I did last month, on squash (Feb 2012): For sports with Olympic status, London 2012 is the golden ticket. Now is the opportunity to increase profile, participation and commercial partnerships. A medal or a notable contender, even a memorable cock-up (no-one forgets Olympian Eddie the Eagle) may establish a sport in the public mind for years to come. Spare a thought, then, for the game of squash. After failing to join the Olympic family in each of the last two bidding rounds, squash will remain untouched by 2012 stardust. ‘It’s really disappointing not to be part of the countdown,’ says Laura Massaro, National

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  • Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Georges Perec's death, a date I wouldn't have noticed without this informative blog from France 24 journalist Oliver Farry. Which made me come over all Je me souviens ... Twenty years ago to the day, in 1992, I remember I was at an event for the 10th anniversary of Perec's death. Ten years! He was barely dead at all. I've been thinking about this event a lot, especially since last year's Booker debate about Difficult Books. For anyone who missed it, a couple of the judges for the 2011 Man Booker Prize were perceived as making a distinction between books that were easy to read and books that were difficult. In 2011 (and it

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