• Lazarus is Dead is officially out from 18 August, so I'll add reviews as they come in, if they're good. The literary blogs can be ahead of the papers (in more ways than one) and so far the astuteness of these comments has made me happy for hours at a time: 'Beard tells about the decline and rise and decline of Lazarus with wit and charm. I was blown away by Beard's delivery and creativity. I haven't read a book quite like it in a long time. So good it's almost off the scale for me. Brave, brilliant and utterly readable. Highly recommended.' Louise Laurie, The Bookbag 'Reading this novel is exhilarating for many reasons. As Beard himself says, 'A

    Aug 17,
  • There was an extract from Lazarus is Dead in the July edition of Prospect magazine. When the magazine decided to run the extract this was their first question (as it had been the first question of an American publisher): are you a Christian? Admittedly, this story is a departure for me. The book is set in first-century Israel and although the structure is unusual (as readers of the earlier novels might expect) the book really is set in first-century Israel. Really. Most of it. The novel tells the story of how the bible-character Lazarus became ill, and his first death is at the physical centre of the book; the second half tells the story of what happens after he comes

    Aug 08,