LGBT History Month 2011 & Being Drusilla

The Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans (phew, there’s a lot of them about) History Month takes place every year in February, and in 2011 Dru and I will be doing our bit. We like to be part of the history. At 6pm on the evening of Friday 25th February we will therefore be reading from Becoming Drusilla, and answering questions, at Bristol Central Library.

However, to prove our commitment to the cause we’re going to do an extra reading outside the constraints of History Month, at 7.30 on Friday 18th March at the Central Library in Plymouth. This is part of Plymouth Out Fest, and in these threatened times is another demonstration of the virtuous uses to which libraries can be put.

The banner above is from a new website, Being Drusilla, which cleverly sheds three letters from the book to reflect what the site is all about. It was one thing to become Drusilla. It’s another altogether to be Drusilla, day after day.

Dru has done most of the writing so far, but the site will be updated by us both, and is designed as a resource for anyone unexpectedly involved in a transgender story. This means friends and families as well as the main protagonists. Everything is explained once you get there. Unlike the experience itself.