Events Autumn 2010

Look, no crutches.

Keeping myself warm this winter researching a new book and honing the latest venture of The National Academy of Writing.  In theory (meaning unreliably) I’ve decided to try and limit events to one-a-month.  This is what I’m doing up to Christmas:

Friday 8 October Warwick Words
10am – 1pm

A Workshop on Travel Writing.  Looking forward to this because the venue, The Northgate Methodist Church Hall, lends itself to the task.

‘Much of the joy in reading about travel comes from the chance encounter. However, the travel writer needs to travel prepared – which chance encounter (among so many) is the one begging for attention?’

Monday 15 November -Friday 19 November Arvon
Sports Writing at The Hurst

This is the first time Arvon has tried running (ha!) a sports course – with the excellent Anthony Clavane – his book about Leeds United, Promised Land, is out now.

‘From back-page reports to full-length books, this course will examine techniques for transforming a passion for sport, any sport, into writing that engages and entertains a wide range of readers. Bring people and events to life, find the connections between your own personal experience and the wider sporting world and turn the compelling narratives of sport into equally gripping stories.’

Wednesday 1 December – Essex University

A reading to complement the University’s exploration of Oulipo and the Avant Garde, led by Dr Philip Terry, the author of two volumes of Oulipoems.

This fun Iowa site of active Oulipoems is also worth a look.  Entertaining stuff.