Norwich Pride

Monday 22 Feb 7pm UEA

I’ve enjoyed the continuing positive reaction to Becoming Drusilla, but we’re still spreading the word.  On Monday 22nd Feb Dru and I will be in Norwich at UEA to give the LGBT History Month Lecture.  There is a full month of events in Norwich and we’re providing some, though not all, of the T.

It is very nice to be invited, and these opportunities to keep going with the book remind me of a misunderstanding I had with Dru on the walk.

When we go walking we drink a lot of tea, which means that we’re often overtaken by other walkers while brewing up in a cosy hollow or on a friendly flat rock.

As the more earnest walkers struggle past I used to shout out ‘Keep Going!’ in what I took to be my jovial, even convivial voice.  As the days went by, Dru grew increasingly gloomy.  This surprised me, as she would usually support any attempt to make the world a more jovial and convivial place.

A family of Germans march by in the rain.  ”Keep going!” I say, and Dru smoulders me a look.

‘What’s wrong?  I thought you liked it when we talked to strangers?’

‘Yes,’ Dru said.  ‘But you keep on telling them to keep going.  How rude.  You should try asking them to stop.’