•   Programme Notes for Guam vs India 18/06/05      To meteorologists, Guam’s region of the Pacific is known as Typhoon Alley.  Occasionally, a big wind comes and blows everything away.  At the end of 2002, Super Typhoon Pongsoona devastated Guam, but somehow the rugby posts on the miraculous Wettengel Rugby Field remained upright.  It was a sign.  Rugby was here, and it intended to stay.  Guam’s Wettengel Rugby Field, with its impeccable grass, its stands and scoreboard and lights, has become an island landmark.  It provides a focus for all those drawn in by Guam’s remarkably inclusive approach to rugby.  This international-sized arena, fringed with palm trees as a natural barrier against the jungle, features in the sharpest memories

    Jun 18,