• From Rugby World, April 2004 www.rugbyworld.com We have the 6 Nations. Guam has the True GRIT 10's.  Richard Beard brings back the good news 'If you build it,' (to paraphrase the disembodied voice in the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams), 'they will come.' On the Pacific Island of Guam, 3,000 miles west of Hawaii, the Guam Rugby Club have built an impeccably grassed, automatically-irrigated, international-sized rugby field.  It has stands, scoreboards, lights - and a fringe of palm trees as a natural barrier against the jungle.  This is Wettengel Rugby Field: one of the most distinctive rugby venues on earth. And, fulfilling the second part of the equation, here come the players: the Budweiser true GRIT 10's has hosted

    Apr 13,
  • Experimental novelist kicks the regular rulebook into touch. From The Japan Times 11/04/2004 www.japantimes.co.jp By RICHARD FREEMAN Staff writer During a recent tour to Guam, members of the Tsunami Teetotallers (a Japan-based ad hoc rugby team) were left speechless when, during pre-match introductions, their scrum-half Richard Beard introduced himself as an English "experimental novelist." Born in 1967, Beard graduated from Cambridge University and worked as a teacher before enrolling in Malcolm Bradbury's Creative Writing MA at the University of East Anglia in 1994. His first novel in the experimental vein, titled "X20 (A Novel of Not Smoking)," was published in 1996, and was followed in 1998 by "Damascus" -- which will be published in Japanese by Shogen-Sha in November. Meanwhile,

    Apr 12,