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  • First, it must snow.  It must snow a great deal. Then you will need three small children.  Close their school for the day, and find an expanse of snow-covered ground.  Be the first there, because that makes it more fun. Okay, I can't do the instruction thing any longer, because it hurts.  But this works best if you don't have dogs - with dogs, you can never quite scoop up snow with abandon.  However, you can be sure that some of your whites will go yellow.  I recommend, before building an igloo, that you put down the dog.  Igloos are a significant challenge.  Respect the igloo. As with all building projects, appoint a foreman.  For best results select a woman, because it cuts

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  • From Financial Times Weekend December 2008 [column width="47%" padding="6%"] In the search for enlightenment, a pilgrimage is the opposite of a retreat. The pilgrim keeps moving, usually on foot, the better to learn from people and places along the way. Hiking has a similar appeal, and most walking enthusiasts would subscribe to St Augustine’s simple faith in the trek - ambulando solvitur – ‘As you walk, all is resolved’. Except, possibly, in the Holy Land itself. St George’s College, Jerusalem, is piloting a new one-week course called Hike the Holy Land, which aims to give visitors short on time a taste of pilgrimage. Eight of us have signed up, in an age range from 34 to 73, a cheerful group

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