For One Night Only

Now this looks good. We’ll be reading at The Water Poet in Spitalfields on Monday December 3 at 7pm. Entry is free, and what can you get for free these days?

In this case, you get Keith Ridgway, Stuart Evers, Greg Baxter. You get each one of us introducing one of the others and then reading a little. Rolling around some words. You get a chance to drink and yak between the readings. You get literature off-screen, off-grid, off-line – the writers and the words in a convivial three-dimensional space, real, live and for one night only.

Not available as a download.

Lazarus is Dead (Richard Beard, published by Harvill Secker): ‘extraordinary’ (Sunday Herald), ‘compelling’ (Sunday Times), ‘impressive’ (FT)

Hawthorn and Child (Keith Ridgway, published by Granta):
‘breathtakingly unpredictable’ (Guardian), ‘brilliantly well done’ (Irish Times)The Apartment (Greg Baxter, published by Penguin):
‘superbly elegant’ (The Times), ‘exceptional’ (Hisham Matar), ‘Clever, entertaining, brave’ (Roddy Doyle)

If This Is Home (Stuart Evers, published by Picador):
‘A quiet triumph’ (The Observer), ‘assured and unsettling’ (Daily Mail), ‘captivating’ (The Times)

Full details here.

2 comments to For One Night Only

  • Looks brilliant! had an brilliant day in London last Tuesday which included being given a tour of the strings gallery at the Royal College of Music museum and a burger with Fay Presto …I ‘ll have to see what I can do

  • I’m sorry I missed it but starting a Blakeian revolution is keeping me jolly busy. I have sent Jock Mullard a scanned copy of the preface in which Blake encourages us to set our foreheads against the ignorant Hirelings

    “A message to David Cameron from Kate Middleton” is getting quite a bit of attention on utube

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